Notification Dated Description Download
Finance and Admin Wing TEVTA Secretariat Nov 03, 07 Financial Irregularities View
TEVTA/Fin/D.All/2007/1283 Oct 24, 07 Dearness Allowances 2006 of TEVTA Contract Employees View
TEVTA/Finance/4-67/2007 Oct 23, 07  Self Finance Scheme - 2007 View
Sep 18, 07 Revised Fee Structure Of  TEVTA Institutes. View
TEVTA/Fin/Jobs/ Sep 17, 07 Notification Procedure for disposal of student. View
TEVTA/Fin/Pupil funds/P-10/2007/1104 Sep 13, 07 Procedure For Re-Appropriation Of Pupil Funds. View
No. TEVTA/Cur/6-288. Sep 10, 07 Notification Regarding TSCS. View
TEVTA/CP/65/2007 Aug 29, 07 TEVTA Notification approval for grant of BS-17 (as per TEVTA pay scales) to all the librarians (BS-16). View
TEVTA/Fin/Sp.All/200/1049 Aug 15, 07 TEVTA Notification 15% Special Allowance 2007 of TEVTA Contract Employees View
TEVTA/Fin/TSTP/DeeniMadaris/1-7 Aug 08, 07 TEVTA Notification "TEVTA Special Training Program in Deeni-Madaris" View
TEVTA/Fin/CB/2007/926 Aug 06, 07 TEVTA Circular "Maintenance of Cash Books at Institute Level" View
Aug 04, 07 Fee Structure for TEVTA Institutes View
TEVTA/Fin/Salary/2007/842 Jul 23, 07 Circular for "The Procedure for Recruitment Against Vacant/Newly Created Posts" View
TEVTA/F&A/4-67 Jul 11, 07 TEVTA Notification "Amendment In Self-Finance Circular Regarding Purchase Of Transport etc." View
TEVTA/ACC/policy/1-7 Apr 13, 07 TEVTA Notification "Revised Accounting Policies of TEVTA" View
TEVTA/GM(F&A)F.Powers/2007 Apr 04, 07 TEVTA Notification "Delegation of Financial Powers" View
TEVTA/Fin/Pay/1-107 Mar 14, 07 TEVTA Notification "Revised Pay Scales of TEVTA employees" View
TEVTA/ACC/Policy/1-7 Feb 27, 07 TEVTA Notification "Accounting Policies" View
TEVTA/Fin/G.Ins/PSIC/2007/ Feb 26, 07 Circular for "Group Insurance Scheme of Employees Transfered from PSIC for the Period From Feb 12, 07 to Feb 11, 08" View
TEVTA/Fin/1-277/F.Powers Jan 25, 07 TEVTA Notification "Delegation of Financial Powers" View