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TEVTA/ST-/Notifications/2019/TS Dec 12, 19 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for time scale promotion of TEVTA employees. View
TEVTA/GM-O-I/9-20/728 Dec 10, 19 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for procurement of vehicles in TEVTA institutes. View
TEVTA/Fin/Pension/194 Nov 28, 19 Grant of Increase in Pension to TEVTA pensioners who retired from TEVTA Service. View
TEVTA/Bud/F.Assistance/2019-12 Nov 14, 19 Guidelines for Salary Disbursement on account of OSD Posts to the family of employee who dies while in service. View
TEVTA/PC/2019/Notification/2019/12 Oct 28, 19 Pre-Qualified Firms for World Bank-CBTA-DLI 3 project. View
TEVTA/PrecurementWing/2019/Notification/Committee Oct 23, 19 Re-constitutions of Bidders Complaint Redressal Committee. View
TEVTA/COO/Coord Sep 25, 19 Two-way communication policy (social media) View
TEVTA/Fin/Fee/2019 Jul 30, 19 Fee Structure of TEVTA Institutes (2019 - 2020) View
TEVTA/Admn/Regularization Jul 16, 19 Regularization of TEVTA Employees (Clarification) View
TEVTA/GM(Ops-I/11-12/310) Jun 14, 19 Age limit for candidates seeking admission in Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE). View
TEVTA/GM(Ops-I/26-1/302) Jun 03, 19 Summer Vacations in TEVTA institutes (2018 - 2019). View
TEVTA/Acad/R&D/2019/37 Jan 22, 19 Working Sectors for all courses running in TEVTA institutes. View
TEVTA/Fin/Inventory/2019/63 Jan 11, 19 Inventory Management System View