Apprenticeship Law

  • Apprenticeship is a multi-disciplinary paid training program being run in industrial establishments of the Punjab, wherein Apprentices get On-The-Job Trainings
  • It is dual training system as Apprentices are provided Institutional / Off-The-Job training at five of our dedicated Institutes (Apprentices Training Centres), where the students are taught theory along with practical training.
  • In another landmark step, we have initiated the replacement of the existing Apprenticeship Act 1962 with Apprenticeship Act 2020, which not only covers the Industrial sector [as before] but also includes all sectors of the economy, covering SMEs also.
  • Once enacted the entire TEVTA Vocational Stream may be shifted to the Apprenticeship Model.
  • Apprentices will be registered with business establishments having 20 or more employees for On-The-Job Trainings besides getting practical and theoretical know-how at TEVTA Institutes for the Certifications.
  • Apprenticeship is a quick fix for employment and through Apprenticeship Act 2020, we will be able to provide 50,000+ jobs in the shortest span of time and the figure shall keep increasing swiftly