Behavioral Policy


It is expected from the student to show himself as a responsible person to his studies in a disciplined manner. Students who fail to adhere to behavioral standards may be subject to disciplinary action. Inappropriate and disruptive behavior disrupts the learning process. Students are not permitted to arrange, induce or take part in any strike, walkout or other type of agitation against the teachers, officers and Institute. You should not bring any weapon within the Institute premises.

It is also expected that you will follow the following ethical values:

  • You should be loyal and honest in all matters with other people in authority in institute
  • You should devote faithfully to your studies and show respect to all people in the institute including students and employees.
  • You should protect college property and abstain from doing anything which might lower institute’s honor and prestige.


A well-dressed student’s appearance projects his personality. Uniform is a badge of pride and an image of being part of an organization. You are recommended to wear uniform during institute timings. All students will put on TEVTA badges on their shirts (Boys) and dupattas (Girls). One who fails to fulfill the terms of condition will be fined.

Class Attendance

Students should attend their classes regularly. Long absence in class will lead to struck off from college.

Bullying and Harassment

TEVTA is a place for learning professional technical & vocational skills and a bully-free department. It does not tolerate bullying and harassment in any form. Bullying can include the use of physical strength, any type of union, making threats, or distributing embarrassing information about your teachers, institutes and TEVTA authority. Cyber bullying of students via any social media platform will also not be tolerated. Bullying and Harassment are taken seriously. Students should report any bullying and harassment behavior which will be interpreted in the context of state law at TEVTA.