Competency Based Training and Assessment

•CBT&A is  an Internationally Recognized Skill Training System which focuses on building competences, imparting quality training & assessing the level of competency & training for productive economic use.

•Through competency based assessment, the trainees are assessed after completing the Program and awarded high quality national vocational certificates. Likewise, skills of the individuals from outside the formal system are also recognized through Recognition of Prior Learning/Recognition of Current Competencies (RPL/RCC).

•It also provides the basis for the implementation of the National Vocational Qualifications Framework (NVQF).

•Till Date 37+ CBT&A courses have been started with support from  NAVTTC & TVET SSP  & 200+ Courses are in process of Finalization to be rolled out across all TEVTA Institutes in Punjab.


Competency Based Training

Traditional Training

Based on standards of Industry

No industry standards

Focused on competencies  that can be demonstrated at workplace

Focused on syllabus

Assessment by trained and nationally certified assessors

Assessment by untrained examiners

Modularised Approach (Can get the certificate of one or two  completed modules )

Has to complete the full course to attain the certificate

Nationally Recognised (National Certificate )

Locally Recognised (Local Certificate)

Vertical Growth Opportunity (Qualifications have Level 1, 2, 3 & 4).

No Vertical Growth 

Competency Assessment (Focus of assessment is on Skills, Knowledge and Attitude against the national competency standards)

Traditional Assessment (Focus of assessment is on Theory )

Qualifications are under National Vocational Qualification Framework (NVQF)

Qualifications are NOT under any framework

Qualifications have complete package (Competency Standards, Curriculum, Assessment Package , Teaching & Learning Material

Qualifications has only curriculum and Trainees Handbook/Manual