Innovation Hub

It is vital to understand that the proportion of hi-tech products is increasing in World Trade. Pakistan’s share of hi-tech products in total exports is insignificant. About 60 percent of our exports are in low value textiles. It is only through transitioning to a knowledge economy that Pakistan can become a force to reckon focused on research, manufacturing and export of high-technology products.
Innovation Hub is for Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship as a commercial base for connecting services, as well as Seeking Partners & Investors.  Innovation Hub will support Pakistan in Import Substitution, Aid Punjab in Becoming a leader in innovation, technology to encourages investment and attracts entrepreneurs from all over the world. This will further reiterate Pakistan’s commitment to knowledge economy & scientific human capital export.
TEVTA has shortlisted various technological startup Projects such as Pakistan’s 1st Electric Car, Multi Function Drones, 3d Printers, Blindstick & Rehbar Robot For Commercialization