Research & Publications

Engr. Hassan Farooq
M.Phil Mechanical Engineering
Govt technical Training Centre Central jail, Faisalabad
Research Publications

"Optimization of process parameters for temperature distribution
in orthogonal metal cutting"- QUEST Research Journal (vol 13, 2014)
"Agile Manufacturing in Seasonal Demanded SMEs" (vol 2, 2015)
"Investigation of process parameters modeling in Dry EDM cutting of Conductive Ceramic
Composites" - International journal Manufacturing Process Technology. (Under review)

Muhammad Adeel
M.Phil (Chemistry)
GCT, Sangla Hill
Research Publications

Publish Research paper"A comparative study of renal clearance of cefaclor and creatinine in male
volunteers" in International Journal of Chemical and Biochemical Sciences (ISSN 2226-9614).
Representative my research paper " Copper Biosorption using Ispaghula husk and industrial
waste by products : Comparative Study" in 1st International conference on Applied Chemistry
held in Govt. College University Faisalabad 2013.
Representative my research work "Synthesis and Characterization of Biocompatible
Polyurethance by Varying Different Diisocyanates" in 5th Seminar on Innovation in polymer
Chemistry in Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China in 2019

Faryad Hussain
M.Phill (Finance)
GCT, Sangla Hill
Research Publications

The Day of the week effect - Far East Journal of Psychology and Business Vol 3 No 1 (4/1/2011)
faryad hussain
Working capital management and risk return trade off - European Journal Economics, Finance
and Administrative Sciences. ISSN 1450 – 2275 Issue 40 (2011)
Co-integration and Causality Analysis of Emerging Equity Markets and Developed Equity
Markets. (An Empirical Analysis of Karachi Stock Exchange) - IJCRB November Edition
2011–IJCRB Vol .3, No.7 (11/1/2011)
Inter Industry Financial Integration (An empirical evidence from KSE Pakistan) - International
Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research (4/1/2017

Engr. Waqas Abdul
Electrical Engineering (M.Phil)
GTTC District Jail, Gujrat
Research Publications

Power System Compensation By Using Thyritor Controlled Series Compensator - International
Journal of Latest Technology in Engineering, Management and Applied Sciences (IJLTEMAS) (Vol.
VII, Issue VII, July 2018)
Feasibility Study of Optical Wireless Communication under Turbulent Conditions - University of
Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology (USJICT) HEC Recognized (Vol.3
Issue 2 April, 2019)
The Attenuation of Free Space Optical Communication under Dusty Conditions in Lahore - (Sci.
series) Vol. 49, 2017

Engr. Muhammad Faisal Salaam
MS Engineering
GCT, Pindi Bhattian
Research Publications

A Novel Dual-Loop Control Scheme for Payload Anti-Swing and Trolley Position of Industrial
Robotic 3DOF Crane, September'2015, Applied Mechanics and Materials
Iterative Linear Quadratic Regulator (ILQR) Controller for Trolley Position Control of Quasar
3DOF Crane, July'15, Indian Journal of Science and Technology
Digital control of trolley position and payload vibrations of non-linear Quasar three degree of
freedom crane, January'2016, International Conference on Intelligent Systems Engineering
Analysis of Three-Phase Two-level PWM Inverter with LCL Filter using Classical Controllers for
Renewable Energy Sources,2013, International Conference on Energy and sustainabilitye Space
Optical Communication under Dusty Conditions in Lahore - (Sci. series) Vol. 49, 2017

Muhammad Khurum Abbas
GCT, Muzaffargarh
Research Publications

Economic Power Generation for an off Grid Site in Pakistan
Economic Viability of Grid Tied PV Plant in Muzaffargarh, Pakistan

Dr. Shakoor Alam
PhD (Islamic Studies)
GCT, Kamalia
Research Publications

Presented paper Intercultural communication – problems and challenges at Erfurt University Germany on
August 28, 2010.
Presented paper Tanzeem-ul-Madaris Pakistan and Contemporary Challenges of the World in a Two-day
International Conference on Madaris Education in Pakistan: Tradition and Transition, held at Bahauddin Zakariya
University Multan Pakistan on April 29, 30, 2015.
Paper presented entitled “Muslim Christian Attitudes to the Laws of Blaspehemy in Pakistan (Article 295-C)” at
A Three –Day International Conference on Freedom of Expression by the University of Punjab on 2-4 November
2015 at Avari Hotel Lahore.
Paper Presented entitled ‘Contribution of Badiuzzaman Said Nursi as an Islamic Educationalist in Secular Turkey’
at International Conference held on 19-20 October 2020 at University of Science and Technology Jummu
P andemic Diseases (Before and
Afterward in context of Covid-19)' at International Conference to held on 05-06 June 2021 at Lahore Garrison
University Lahore Pakistan
Two Books Published.
Monthly Articles Publish in Daily 92 News Paper

Khalid Mahmood Faisal
M.Phil (Political Science)
GCT, Multan
Research Publications

Article Publication in IOSR/IJEE Journals on the topics
Impacts of 9/11 on Smaller States of South Asia
Process of normalization with India after 9/11/2001 (International Journal of English & Education IJEE)

Abdus Samad Hashmi
M.Phil (Management Sciences)
Govt. Institute of Leather Technology, Gujranwala
Research Publications

Author of a Book namely "A Shot View of Leather Chemistry”
first and the only book written at local level.

Dr. Bashir Ahmad
GCT, Muzaffargarh
Research Publications

Synthesis and electrical behavior of Ni-Ti substituted Y-Type hexaferrites for high frequency application. 451
(2018) 787-792
Magnetic and dielectric properties of Nd-Mn substituted Co2Y-hexaferrites. 460 (2018) 171-176
Elucidation of structure and conduction mechanism in Nd-Mn substituted Y-type strontium hexaferrites. 723
(2017) 9-16.
Synthesis, dielectric and magnetic properties of Ge-Mn substituted Co2Y hexaferrites. 23 (2019) 407-416
Multiferroics BiMn1-xAlxO3 nanopartiles: Synthesis, Char acterization and evaluation of various structural,
physical, electrical and dielectric par ameters. 433 (2017) 71-75
New multiferroics BiFe1−2xAlxMnxO3 nanoparticles: Synthesis and evaluation of various structural,
physical, electrical, dielectric and magnetic parameters. 590 (2014) 193-198
Structural, Electrical, and Dielectric Properties of Multiferroics-Spinel Ferrite composites. 45 (2016) 1065-
Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline/Zr-Co-substituted nickel ferrite (NiFe1.2Zr0.4Co0.4O4)
nanocomposites: their application for the photodegradation of methylene blue. 57 (2016) 12168-12177
Nano grained Sr and Zr co-doped BaCeO3 electrolytes for intermediate temperature solidoxide fuel cells. 43
(2017) 14354-14360.
Facile Synthesis of LaDySn2O7-SnSe nanocomposites with excellent photocataltic Activity visible light. 229
(2019) 362-371

Abdus Samad Hashmi
GCT, Muzaffargarh
Research Publications

M.Phil Thesis (Determinants of FDI in Pakistan and it impact on Economic Growth)
Variations of Pricing Strategies on Demand of Consumers products. A Review Article

Dr. Saima Ubaid
GCT, Multan
Research Publications

Electrospun polymer bottle microresonators for stretchable single-mode lasing devices.
Focusing properties of linearly polarized high order hyperbolic-cosine-Gaussian beam with sine-azimuthal
wavefront modulated by multiple spiral optical vortices.
Direct single-mode lasing in polymer microbottle resonators through surface destruction.
The detection and classification of bruises in pears using thermal images.
Strategy for the development of stretchable highly aligned electrospun polyacrylamide (PAM) nanofibers.
Polarization Insensitive, Broadband, Near Diffraction-Limited Metalens in Ultraviolet Region.
Comprehensive evaluation of wheat operation during COVID-19 outbreak in Pakistan.

Saadia Syed
M.Phil (Education Leadership and Management)
GCT (W), Lahore
Research Publications

Entrepreneurial inclination among students of technical vocational education & training (tvet) institutes of
south Asian countries
Letter of Appreciation Punjab Education Foundation (PEF)
Letter of Appreciation Punjab Education Foundation (PEF)
Intel Education (Grand Winner) Award
Intel Ambassador for Innovation in EducationLetter of Appreciation Columbo Plan Staff College for TVET Education, Philipines

Prof. Sohail Akhtar
GCT, Muzaffargarh
Research Publications

Week Consistency Conditions for m- CYCLIC k- STEP METHODS

Ahsan Elahi
M.Phil (Physics)
GCT (Boys), Sahiwal
Research Publications

Structural and Electrical Property of Zn-Cu ferrites course work

Muhammad Abbas Pervaiz
M.Phil Management Sciences
GCT (Boys), Sahiwal
Research Publications

The Relationship of Personality Traits and job performance with mediating role of motivation.

Muhammad Aftab Rafiq
M.Phil (Physics)
GCT (Boys), Sahiwal
Research Publications

Properties in CU 0.5 Tl 0.5 Ba 2 Ca 2 Cu 3 O10 Super conductor Doped with Carbon Nanotubes -
Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism (30-06-2014)

Masood ur Rehman
MS Electrical Engineering
GCT (Boys), Sahiwal
Research Publications

VTA-SMAC for Enhanced QOS of MAC Protocol - IEEE ACCESS (25-02-2021)

Dr. Imran Ashraf
Ph.D (EMP)
GCT, Multan
Research Publications

National Winner Enterprise Award Competition 2009
Homoree Faculty Member of City College Brigton & Hove UK
Received Title of "Leaders of the Leader" from British Council UK Office

Dr. Ahmed Raza
Ph.D (Education)
GCT(PGA), Lahore
Research Publications

Wrote Three books for DAE (PGA), two Articles Published in International towards.

Nadeem Taj Din
M.Phil (Total Quality Management)
GTTI, Gulberg
Research Publications

Assessment of Service Quality of Islamic Banks.

Dr. Samina Zaheer
PH.D (Art & Design)
GCT (W), Lahore
Research Publications

“The Impact of Indigenous and Transcultural Influences on Contemporary Fine Art Practice in Pakistan”
“Decorative Motifs and Inscriptions of the Wazir Khan Mosque” Sponsored by Lok Virsa, Islamabad”